Saturday 26 December 2020

Tanti auguri di buone feste


Wishing all our family, our friends both near and far, and everyone who reads our blog a very merry Christmas and a wonderful happy and healthy new year. 

As for many people this year, our Christmas has been quiet, with no visitors this festive season. Although we miss seeing our family and friends, we have actually really enjoyed taking things at our own pace and we have been making the most of the downtime.

A different Christmas this year. Wearing beautiful masks handmade and given to us by Helen's clever sister.

Christmas Day brought us a whole spectrum of weathers, from torrential rain and strong winds to hail and eventually sunshine - maybe not traditionally Christmassy weather, but quite spectacular nonetheless and we enjoyed watching the changing skies (from the comfort of indoors!)

To follow that, Boxing day has brought us more strong winds and much chillier weather, with a fair dumping of snow on the higher hills we can see at the top of the valley.

We wait to see if the wind calms down enough for us to venture outdoors to do some work - for now it seems pretty uninviting and the alternative - sitting by the fire with the dog and a book - is considerably more appealing.

Happy holidays to everyone, stay safe!